BOI – If you would like our help in reporting your small business to FinCEN for the beneficial ownership interest reporting, please complete this form.

LLC Formation – If you would like our help in forming an LLC and getting it registered with the Secretary of State, please complete this form.

General Business Consulting – Providing professional and expert advice to business owners to help clients address various issues that negatively affect the success of their business.

LLC Formation, Operating Agreement, Buy/Sell Agreement- In order to form in LLC in Ohio, the managing partner or agent must file Articles of Organization with the Ohio Secretary of State and pay a filing fee.

Promissory Notes– This is a contract between a “maker” and a “payee” in which the maker promises in writing to pay a sum of money to the payee in either monthly installments or at a fixed time in the future, with or without interest.

Employee Handbook – An important communication tool between the owner of a business and the employees of a business. Handbooks should set forth expectations for employees and should describe what the employees can expect from the company. Handbooks also describe the employer’s legal obligations and the employee’s rights.

Severance Contract – A contract between an employer and employee documenting the rights and responsibilities of both parties in the event of job termination. The contract specifies any severance package of pay and benefits and the conditions under which it will be provided or withheld. Severance agreements are sometimes offered as part of a job contract; however, more often they are offered as part of job termination or layoff.

Non-Disclosure Agreement – A non-disclosure agreement is a legal contract between at least two parties that outlines confidential material, knowledge, or information that the parties wish to share with one another for certain purposes, but wish to restrict access to or by third parties. In most cases, both parties are restricted in their use of the information that is shared.

Civil Litigation – A dispute between two or more parties, where at least one party is seeking money damages or specific performance, rather than criminal sanctions.

Demand Letter – A letter stating a legal claim, which makes a demand for restitution or performance of some obligation, owing to the recipients’ alleged breach of contract, or for a legal wrong.