Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief

Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief If you are like me, you are in the midst of the tax preparation haze.  I became an attorney with the hopes that my business would be that of the written word and I would never have to complete another math problem for so as long as I live.  As it […]

False Advertising Claims against Anheuser-Busch

False Advertising Claims against Anheuser-Busch. In 1991, Richard Overton sued Anheuser-Busch for false and misleading advertising under Michigan State law. He also included one claim that appears to allege that he personally suffered injuries as a result of the false advertisements. A number of publications and websites parodied this lawsuit by focusing only on the

Criminals need not bear the responsibility for their crimes alone when the real money is in Hollywood.

Criminals need not bear the responsibility for their crimes alone when the real money is in Hollywood. 1996, the family of Patsy Ann Byers sued Oliver Stone, Warner Brother, and others involved in the making and distribution of the movie Natural Born Killers for an unspecified amount. They claimed that the movie caused Sarah Edmondson […]

If you can’t sue the system, sue yourself.

If you can’t sue the system, sue yourself. 1995, Robert Lee Brock sued himself for $5 million. He claimed that he had violated his own civil rights and religious beliefs by allowing himself to get drunk and commit crimes which landed him in the Indian Creek Correctional Center in Virginia, serving a 23 year sentence […]

Keeping Appropriate Records

As I sit in my office this morning I am thinking about what to write for my weekly blog post.  As fate would have it, my book keeper is here this morning going through my receipts and balancing my quickbooks account in order to have my records ready for the end of the year taxes.  […]

“Unintentional Landlord”

Due to the state of the economy, there are many, what I call “unintentional landlords” these days. It is not necessarily a bad thing, I am one myself. My father and I purchased a house in Columbus, Ohio several years ago when I started law school. Our plan was for me to live in the […]

Inventory List

Inventory List My mom is a barber.  She hears all of the town gossip of Franklin, Ohio.  There isn’t usually much going on in Franklin, but recently, a client told her the following story:  This couple came home from work one day and their grill was gone off their deck.  They assumed that their grill had been […]

Creativity within the Legal Profession

Creativity within the Legal Profession: A seasoned attorney once told me that there is no place for creativity within the legal profession.  This view may explain why many attorneys, even younger ones, embrace the traditional approach to the profession.  You can see traces of the traditional mindset in the attorney’s office furniture, marketing, and the […]

Legal Overhead Costs

A few weeks ago, I met with another attorney that asked me to join her firm.  This firm was an expense sharing firm which meant that I had two options.  I could join as a partner, which would mean that I would have one flat monthly expense rate for everything the firm provided to me, or I […]

Mediation and Arbitration

Mediation and Arbitration I have been getting a lot of questions about arbitration and mediation lately.  There are many differences between arbitration and mediation.  One difference is that arbitration is binding while mediation is essentially an agreement between the parties and is not binding or enforceable unless and until the agreement is made an order […]

Planning for long term care continued…

Planning for long term care continued… There are many tools that can be used to prepare for long term care: trusts, insurance, TODs, and gift transfers during a lifetime; however, you must choose the right tools for your specific situation and you must make sure those tools are prepared correctly or you may find yourself […]

Planning for long term care

Planning for longterm care As the baby boomer generation gets older, there is going to be an increasing need for attorneys that specifically work in the area of estate planning for long term care. This is an area that i have become familiar with and although I wouldn’t consider myself quite an expert yet, that […]

Debt Collection: Being held liable for another’s debt

Debt Collection: Being held liable for another’s debt I just found out that I have been giving out incorrect (or at least incomplete) advice regarding debt within a marriage, so I would like to set the record straight.  I used to tell people that they cannot be held liable for debts of their spouse as […]

Getting divorced for the Second time…from the same person

Getting divorced for the second time…from the same person Several months ago, I was contacted by a potential client to handle his second divorce from the same person.  This particular client had children that were born (technically, of the first marriage) and this couple had already litigated custody, property, and support issues during the first […]

Spousal Support in Ohio

Spousal Support in Ohio: One of the least guiding “guidelines” in Ohio is the Ohio Spousal Support Guidelines.  This statute gives Ohioans “factors” that Ohio Courts consider when determining whether spousal support will be granted and if so, how much.  The factors the courts consider are the following: Quoting Ohio Revised Code § 3105.18. – […]