Inventory List

Inventory List
My mom is a barber.  She hears all of the town gossip of Franklin, Ohio.  There isn’t usually much going on in Franklin, but recently, a client told her the following story:  This couple came home from work one day and their grill was gone off their deck.  They assumed that their grill had been stolen, so they accepted it and moved on with their life.  Approximately one week later, they went out to their deck to find their grill back in its original position on their deck.  They found a card on top of their deck that said something to the effect of: “Please accept our sincerest apologies, our neighbor told us that we could borrow their grill, and we thought this was theirs.  We found out later that this was not their grill, and we had borrowed the wrong grill.  Please accept these Bengals tickets as our gift to you.  We appologize for the mix-up”  This couple was excited about receiving the Bengals tickets and went to the game the following Sunday.  When they returned home from the game, their entire house was empty.  The contents of their home had all been stolen. 
Recently, I came into contact with the owner of Contents Management, a company that will come out to your home and create a complete inventory of all assets in your home.  Until recently, I was not aware that this type of business existed but apparently there are many companies that provide this service.  A home inventory would be really important for a person facing a scenario such as the one above, but it would also be helpful for anyone that needs to make a claim on their homeowners insurance policy as a result of fire, flood, or other natural disaster.  Other people that could benefit from this service are: estate planning clients, landlords, divorce clients, and small business owners.
If you are interested in having an inventory of your home or business completed, you can contact your homeowner’s insurance agent.  It may be possible for your insurance agent to add the cost of the inventory to your monthly premiums.  If your insurance agent is unwilling to provide this service, you should look up local listings for home inventory services.  If you are in the Tri-state area, you may schedule an appointment with Contents Management.  They are a professional, affordable, and confidential inventory business serving clients in the (Cincinnati) Tri-state area.
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