Does my child’s opinion on custody and parenting time matter?

Does my child’s opinion on custody and parenting time matter? Parents often believe that their children can decide where they would like to live but this is not true.  Children have a voice but not a vote in custody and visitation matters. How much weight does their opinion have? The court looks at a series […]

When the Litigation has Ended, but the Conflict has not: Alternatives to Litigating Co-Parenting Disputes

Perhaps unsurprising, your co-parenting challenges may not always end just because the divorce/custody case does. Regardless of how you got to your parenting plan, you may continue to experience frustrating difficulties navigating parenting matters from two households. So, what are your options on how to address these difficulties? Of course, you can always return to […]

Is Mediation Right for Me?

In family law disputes, such as a divorce, you may believe that court is where you need to go — you’ll have your day in Court, justice will be served, and you and your children will have “won.” Unfortunately, people often underestimate the impact that litigation has on a person individually, and on the family […]

Truth or Delusion? Busting Networking’s Biggest Myths

This book goes through approximately 48 statements and discusses whether those statements are True or false.  Most of these are common sense; however, some of these discussions are helpful.  Sometimes you can tell by the way the statement is worded.  Absolute wording usually signifies that the statement is a delusion.  The most helpful discussions for me […]

Book Review – Crazy Time

I highly recommend this book to people in the early stages of learning about the divorce that is barreling down the highway towards them. Crazy time, as the title suggests, acknowledges the craziness that can be divorce. This book focuses on the different stages of the process and the different ways for dealing with those […]

Book Review – How Full is your Bucket?

The premise of this book is that we will achieve greater results from employees by focusing on the employee’s strengths, rather than their weaknesses.  The thing I like about this book is that the concept is simple.  The authors know the concept is simple and instead of writing the same thing repeatedly, like some authors […]

Book Review – Parents are Forever

Parents are Forever presents a great concept for co-parenting.  It uses the analogy of owning a business together with your partner to show how people should co-parent.  Parents who work together to care for their children after divorce become co-parents.  No matter how ex-spouses feel about each other personally, co-parents who want to be successful […]

Book Review – Splitting

This book was given to me by a client.  The client felt this book was helpful to her in navigating her case with her husband, whom she believes to be suffering from borderline narcissistic personality disorder. Splitting is a term used to describe a defense mechanism universally seen in people with Borderline and Narcissistic Personality […]

Book Review – Two Homes

Clients often come to me before they have told anyone what they are going through, and that includes their children.  Clients often ask me how to have the divorce discussion with their children.  My answer is that it depends how old their children are and what the maturity level of their children is.  One option […]

Book Review- UnFu*k YOURSELF

Change starts within you.  That is the premise of this book.  There are some great takeaways from this book.  One of which is that it IS the power of the mind to be unconquerable.  We are wired to win, and we win at what we want to win at.  The only way to do this […]

Mediation and Arbitration

Mediation and Arbitration We get a lot of questions about arbitration and mediation.  There are many differences between arbitration and mediation.  One difference is that arbitration is binding while mediation is an agreement between the parties and is not binding or enforceable unless and until the agreement is made an order of the court.  In […]

Debt Collection: Being held liable for another’s debt

Debt Collection: Being held liable for another’s debt A spouse can be held liable for the other’s medical bills if the following factors apply: 1) the patient spouse is unable to pay 2) the non-patient spouse is able to pay If the above factors are shown, the non-patient spouse may be held liable for the patient spouse’s medical […]

Creativity within the Legal Profession

Creativity within the Legal Profession: A seasoned attorney once told me that there is no place for creativity within the legal profession.  This view may explain why many attorneys, even younger ones, embrace the traditional approach to the profession.  You can see traces of the traditional mindset in the attorney’s office furniture, marketing, and the […]

“Unintentional Landlord”

The economy is doing better and that means that people are buying and selling homes.  The inventory is at a low point, but that does not seem to be deterring people from buying.  If you find yourself in a situation where you have listed your home for sale and have already purchased your new home, […]