Why Probate?

I have never met a law student that left law school thinking, “I want to be a probate attorney!”  It just doesn’t happen.  Mainly because many other practice areas catch our eye before we even get to that subject in school but also because it just isn’t a “sexy” subject. I got pulled into probate […]

Divorce vs. Dissolution

One of the most common questions I get from my family law clients is about the difference between a divorce and dissolution.  Although they accomplish the same thing, there are many differences between a divorce and dissolution and most of the differences relate to the total amount of money you will spend to terminate your […]

How to choose an attorney

There are three people in your life that you should never lie to: your doctor, your dentist, and your attorney.  This morning, I heard someone say that these are the people that get lied to the most.  From my experience, this is probably true and it is not a constructive use of a lie.  These people […]