National “Make a Will” Month

Recently, I have had many clients contact me about making a will; more so than in any other month.  I knew that it was National “Make a Will” month but I did not think that anyone else knew that.  Even if they did, I didn’t think that “national -anything-months” actually moved people to action.  I’m beginning to beleive I was wrong about that. 

By making July the National “Make a Will month, “they”, whoever “they” are, are reminding us to do something that we all should do.  I am the first to say that not everyone needs a will.  I have had many young professionals ask me if they need a will and depending on the circumstances, the answer is “no.”  In fact, I do not have a will myself.  I have no problem telling my clients that they don’t need a will because by doing so, I am saving them time and money.  Those young professionals that I have spoken to now have peace of mind knowing that they don’t need a will (for now).  The people that I am concerned about are the people that I have not spoken to because only an attorney (and an honest one) can tell you whether you need a will or not, and you don’t know until you speak to an attorney. 

One thing that I have done recently to make making a will easier for my clients is that I have purchased fantastic (and expensive) software that makes making a will quicker and easier than ever.  The thing that I love about having this software available to me is that if I meet with a young person today and make their will, once I enter the information into the computer, I do not have to enter that information again.  If that person wants to make changes, I can go to the section where the changes will be made, instead of going through the entire program again.  Because this process is faster, it is also cheaper for my clients.  I have the software downloaded on my computer and when I am finished I am able to go back to my office and review the document to make sure it meets my client’s needs.

National “Make a will” month is not necessarily about “making a will” in July but rather reminding all of us to review our will to make sure it will carry out our wishes, which may have changed since last updating.  It is also about reminding everyone to schedule a free consultation with an attorney that can review your personal situation and help you decide whether a will is right for you or whether some other estate planning tools will better fit your needs.  In the meantime, happy will making to you all.