What information can a parenting coordinator use to make a decision?

Daryle C. Tibbs, owner of Tibbs Law Office, begins a new series dedicated to the topic of Parenting Coordination.

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2017 Tax Reform, What you need to know about IRAs

2017 Tax Reform: What you need to know about IRAs
These videos are designed to educate viewers on the 2017 Tax Reform. These videos are not to be construed as legal advice. Please seek the advice of a local attorney regarding your specific situation.
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Creativity within the Legal Profession

Creativity within the Legal Profession:
A seasoned attorney once told me that there is no place for creativity within the legal profession.  This view may explain why many attorneys, even younger ones, embrace the traditional approach to the profession.  You can see traces of the traditional mindset in the attorney’s office furniture, marketing, and the way they approach legal representation of their clients.   Their office furniture looks like it is from the 19th century, they are still advertising in the yellow pages, and they talk to their clients in such legal-ease that their clients cannot possibly understand what the attorney is saying.
On the one hand, it is easy to understand the importance of tradition within the profession; our entire legal system is based on tradition and precedence.  On the other hand, attorneys are so concerned about preserving tradition that attorneys now believe that creativity has no place within the profession.  This is a scary thought, especially considering that some of the best representation starts with the most creative ideas.  
I for one, do not believe creativity is dead in the legal profession.  There is room for both tradition and creativity in the court room, in fact, this is how the legal profession has evolved with our changing attitude about morality and justice.  Creativity is why our clients hire us.  It is our job to come up with creative solutions to legal problems.  Sometimes these ideas are “rule-bending” and sometimes these solutions are complicated triangle deals that will solve our client’s business and personal problems.
I consider myself a progressive attorney.  I maintain a balance of tradition and modern that I consider to be ideal.  Although it is has become acceptable for female attorneys to wear non-traditional clothing to court, I tend to wear a traditional suit to court; however, my office furniture is minimal and modern (we have standing desks!), I do not advertise in the yellow pages, and I try to explain legal concepts in everyday English.  Our firm has integrated videos into our marketing plan and will continue to work with new media platforms that our clients also use in their business and personal lives.  I am also not willing to give up my creativity in my personal life.  If you find us on Facebook or Instagram (@ladiesoflaw), you learn something about our personal lives.  This may be off-putting to some, but I urge clients to accept and expect creativity in the legal profession.  Attorneys can only be as creative as our clients allow us to be.
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The best compliment we could receive is a referral to a friend or family member

There have been many instances where a client has retained me to fix something that their prior attorney didn’t do right the first time; or even worst, they were their own attorney and they didn’t do it right the first time.  If there is one piece of advice I would give all of my potential clients, it is that you should not do it yourself without seeking the advice of an attorney.  Many attorneys will be willing to give you advice on how to do it yourself and then, at least you can contact that attorney to help you if things are not going well in the DIY world.
When you are preparing to enter into a contract, it is always better to have your attorney look at it.  The attorney will point out where the contract should be more specific to protect you (especially with dates) because there are almost no circumstances under which having a vague contract will protect you better.
If you find that your attorney did a good job for you, you should refer your attorney to your friends and family members.  I am an attorney that does not have a presence in the phone book and getting referrals is the best “thank you” I can get.  If you know an attorney that has been honest with you and has done a good job informing you of your rights and obligations, you should tell your friends and family members so that they are not left playing eenie meenie miney mo through the endless list of attorneys in the phone book.
I get all of my clients through face-to-face introductions and referrals from my existing clients (along with a small presence on the internet i.e. this blog).  A yellowpages ad is just too expensive for my taste and I am able to keep busy with my current system.  My personal belief is that if an attorney has to advertise in the phonebook to get clients, that attorney either has such a small niche that it is difficult to find prospective clients, or that attorney’s previous clients are not satisfied enough to recommend that attorney to others.

Saving Money while hiring an Attorney

The last thing people want to pay for is attorney fees.   We have decided to start this blog to post our thoughts about many things, but mostly we want to inform people about how they can save money when they hire an attorney.  Believe it or not, there are many things clients can do to save money when they hire an attorney.  Attorneys do not tell clients this because they make our living by selling legal advice and services.  Attorneys want to sell their legal services to you and some attorneys will go so far as to sell you things that you do not need.  We would like to dedicate this blog to helping you understand a little bit about the law, attorneys, fees, and other law-related topics so that you can save money when you meet with your attorney.  We have put together a plethora of resources geared towards this mission, including our facebook page:, our instagram page: @tibbsladiesoflaw, and our youtube channels: and   The resources we are providing here and elsewhere should NOT be construed as legal advice.  You should meet with an attorney to talk about your specific situation and hopefully, if you use our tips, it will cost you less when you do!