Truth or Delusion? Busting Networking’s Biggest Myths

This book goes through approximately 48 statements and discusses whether those statements are True or false.  Most of these are common sense; however, some of these discussions are helpful.  Sometimes you can tell by the way the statement is worded.  Absolute wording usually signifies that the statement is a delusion.  The most helpful discussions for me personally were about center of influence and where to get the best referrals.  The general advice given in this book is that the obvious choice is not always the best referral source.  This book talks about the difference between visibility, credibility and profitability and how to focus the visibility and credibility to result in profitability.  You cannot move on to the next stage in the relationship with another unless the other person is also ready to move into the next stage with you.  The number one trait of master networkers is that they follow up on referrals given.  Also, the most important concept to remember is that you should treat referrals the way they want to be treated, not the way you want to be treated.  This is something that I need to work on personally.  The key to this advice is figuring out how someone wants to be treated.  The only way to find this out is by getting to know the referral source and asking key questions that will provide insight into their values.  Because I felt this book offered me little that I did not already know or that wasn’t common sense, I give this book 3 stars. 

Book Review – How Full is your Bucket?

The premise of this book is that we will achieve greater results from employees by focusing on the employee’s strengths, rather than their weaknesses.  The thing I like about this book is that the concept is simple.  The authors know the concept is simple and instead of writing the same thing repeatedly, like some authors might, these authors explain the concept, provide examples of their theory, provide data to back it up and call it a day.  It is a relatively short book that give some great examples.  One example is of Susan, a manager.  The first time she tried to recognize her star sales rep, she failed miserably, upsetting him in the process.  This example shows the importance of figuring out what is important to your employees and awarding them in a way they recognize as positive.   This is just some of the great advice this book provides for those tasked with managing others.  Overall, I give this book four stars.

Keeping Appropriate Business Records

 As many accountants, financial advisers, and attorneys will tell you, it is really important to keep good records throughout the year.  However, even if you keep good records throughout the year, it is important to have a book keeper, accountant or tax adviser review your records at the end of the year to make sure every thing is in order.  I can’t tell you how many clients I have had that came to me with tax issues that occurred as a result of bad book keeping, or poor oversight of the accountant or book keeper.
If you are taking deductions for travel, meals, or office supplies, it is important to keep the receipts for those items and to make a note on your receipt regarding who you were with and why.  For more information about the specifics of the tax law changes, please visit our Youtube channel, as we have a whole series coming out in 2018 on all the changes and how they will affect business owners and individuals.
If you intend on taking deductions for mileage, it is important to keep a log in which you write down the date, where you went and how many miles it was.  This process is much easier now that we can map out our travel on Google Maps or some other similar program.  You should keep this log readily available to ensure that you add all travel. 
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