TIBBS LAW OFFICE Introduction “2019, 2020, & Beyond”

In our first video of 2020, Daryle recaps 2019 and shares some of what the future looks like for TIBBS LAW OFFICE. Make sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! And as always, we welcome your comments!


Daryle Tibbs of TIBBS LAW OFFICE here. I’m very excited to announce what we accomplished in 2018, what we have in store for 2020, and what we are working on this year for 2021. The first item I would like to share is that in November 2019, Sarah Michel and I sat for the Ohio Bar Association’s Family Law certification test. We are excited to announce that we both passed the test and can now hold ourselves out as Family Relations Certified Attorneys. If you’d like to learn more about what this means for our clients, please check out our series of videos on certification on our website and our YouTube channel.

Jordan, D’Aaddario and I are now approved mediators for the Hamilton County Domestic Relations Court after completing additional training requirements through the courts Dispute Resolution Department. Jordan will be participating in both the Cincinnati Bar Association and the Ohio Women’s Bar Associations mentoring programs. She will also be serving as a co-chair on Cincinnati Academy of Collaborative Professionals Training Committee, where she will help plan ongoing training for the group’s members.

In 2019. I accepted a one year contract with the city of Springdale to provide Public Defender Services in the Springdale Mayors Court. I’m happy to announce that this contract has been renewed for the 2020 year and I look forward to serving the city of Springdale once again.

In 2020, Sarah will be completing the Cincinnati Academy of Leadership for Lawyers offered by the Cincinnati Bar Association. We look forward to her completion of this program and we can’t wait to see how this program helps her serve our clients better.

As some of you may know, I’ve been a director consultant for a local networking organization called BNI as of December 31, 2019 I have stepped down from my position in BNI and I’m now only a member of the Phoenix chapter of BNI. I look forward to focusing on growing TIBBS LAW OFFICE to offer a wider range of services to our clients.

Lastly,TIBBS LAW OFFICE is continuing our dedication to serving the LGBTQ+ community. We plan on participating in the Cincinnati Pride events and we also look forward to continuing our training with Living With Change, a nonprofit that provides education, support, resources, and advocacy to the LGBQ+ and transgender communities in the Greater Cincinnati area and beyond.

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TIBBS LAW OFFICE, LLC is a general practice, Ohio law firm serving Greater Cincinnati and is now serving clients in Northern Kentucky. We have experience handling a wide range of legal issues and we place primary emphasis on finding practical and creative solutions to achieve our client’s personal and business objectives. We offer services in the areas of divorce, custody, child support, estate planning, estate administration, business formation, contract & lease negotiation, evictions, misdemeanor defense, felony defense, and many other areas.