Expungement: Does It Cost Money To Apply For An Expungement?

Expungement:  Does It Cost Money To Apply For An Expungement? Daryle C. Tibbs, owner of Tibbs Law Office, begins a new series dedicated to the topic of Expungement. For more online sources on this and similar topics, please visit our firm youtube channel at: www.youtube.com/tibbslawoffice www.youtube.com/tibbslawofficeKentucky Tibbs Law Office, LLC 1329 East Kemper Rd. #4230 […]

Transfer on Death and Probate

I got into probate practice on accident.  It all started when I worked for my previous employer as a law clerk (after I had taken the bar but before I had received my results).  Our firm had received a telephone call from a client/investor.  Our client had an investment property and the person staying in […]

Life Insurance and Divorce

Recently, I was contacted by two insurance agents regarding life insurance.  Both insurance agents had similar questions regarding life insurance and divorce.  First, they wanted to know whether courts require child support obligors to obtain and hold life insurance policies for the benefit of the children, in the event that the obligor passes away.  Basically, the […]

The Memory of Memorial Day

Like most american families, I have close family members that have served in the military.  Specifically, my grandfather served in the Army when he was in his 20s.  I was lucky enough to have a great-grandmother (my grandfather’s mother) who lived until 2002, she died only a few days before my 18th birthday.  My grandmother used […]

Why Probate?

I have never met a law student that left law school thinking, “I want to be a probate attorney!”  It just doesn’t happen.  Mainly because many other practice areas catch our eye before we even get to that subject in school but also because it just isn’t a “sexy” subject. I got pulled into probate […]

Divorce vs. Dissolution

One of the most common questions I get from my family law clients is about the difference between a divorce and dissolution.  Although they accomplish the same thing, there are many differences between a divorce and dissolution and most of the differences relate to the total amount of money you will spend to terminate your […]

How to choose an attorney

There are three people in your life that you should never lie to: your doctor, your dentist, and your attorney.  This morning, I heard someone say that these are the people that get lied to the most.  From my experience, this is probably true and it is not a constructive use of a lie.  These people […]